Your favourite stablecoin app with superpowers.

DO MORE than just store your digital assets! Swap between stablecoins & fiat, make payments & remittances, borrow real money, and send/receive USD or Euro to/from your bank with Stablecoins.

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unique stablecoin-backed Fiat loans disbursed
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Harness stability with the Finna suite

Take advantage of an ecosystem of tools designed to keep you above inflation & currency devaluation in emerging markets.

Finna lend

Collateralize stablecoin assets to get fiat currency loans

Collateralize stablecoin assets to get fiat currency loans. Minimize exposure to inflation

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Finna swap

Swap between Stablecoins and Fiat

Convert African fiat currencies into stablecoins & back to save value and salvage instability. Zero fees

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Finna waya

Withdraw to your Dollar account

Switch between the Stablecoins and their underlying fiat currencies and send to bank account instantly.

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Finna remit

Send Funds Globally

Send funds globally, in stable digital asset, which can be received instantly via SMS.

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Listen to the voice of satisfied users of one or more tools within our financial suite

Best platform I’ve used since binance, smooth and fast… please don’t turn shitty when you get the numbers
Ok, I think I actually now love Finna Protocol…! This is very seamless & very smooth processing!
Wunmi Sanusi
Lending USDT to borrow Naira🤯, I might be your biggest customer😂
I took my first official loan ever in my life on @FinnaProtocol today and i can’t justify enough how seamless this process was.
The best thing that can happen to anyone is using @FinnaProtocol. This is the same thing as Aave and compound.
IK Lowa
I’m quite interested & excited about what Finna is building
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Finna Protocol is a multi-utility ecosystem for stablecoins to bridge the gap between stable digital currencies and real-world transactions.


Finna Waya
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