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Get instant flexible Naira Loans with USD stablecoins as Collateral.

Minimize your inflation exposure with quick low-interest loans. HODL your digital assets as long as you need to.


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I want to borrow

Minimum borrow amount: ₦0

Collateral required

Rate: 1 = 0


Amount to borrow
Loan to Value
Interest rate
4% Fixed
Max Loan Duration
30 Days
in total volume processed.
Over 1K users save in Stablecoins & collateralize it for Naira loans with Finna Lend & also get USD from their stablecoins with Finna Waya.
Finna is Market-Friendly


Low Collateral Requirement

Apply for loans for as low as $30 worth in your preferred currency.

Suitable for small portfolio holders
Great for short-term needs
Market friendly rates with a high 90% LTV ratio.


Highly secure and easy to use.

Finna is packed with the necessary features to ensures that your money is safe and always accessible to you.

Secure transaction approval
Easy-to-use interface for a seamless experience
Market volatility protection

Flexible Interest & payback model.

30-day interest of 4% max. Enjoy our pay-as-you-go interest model. Pay earlier, pay lesser.

High Capital Efficiency

Maximize your borrowing power with our high LTV margins. Get loans up to 90% of the value of your collateral.

Multiple Assets supported.
User sign-ups within a single month of Web App Launch.

Instant Withdrawal & Cashout.

Withdraw Fiat and receive money in your local bank account within 3 minutes. No delays.

How it works
Getting Started on Finna Lend.
Create a Finna account.
Deposit your preferred stablecoins on supported networks.
Open loan tabs & apply for a new loan by entering the amount you want to borrow.
Complete KYC to add a bank account.
Cashout the loan received to your personal bank account.
Get Started
Get custom-made Loans that match your business needs.
Need a bit more? we’re more than happy to work something out to help you realize your dreams.
A Fine First Impression
Our early users who have tried out Finna keep coming back. Here's what some have to say:
I’ve been using Finna for a while now, and I’m constantly impressed by the lending service, because the loans are instant, convenient, and i can always repay anytime.
Any digital asset holder will easily find the Finna Protocol app the most user friendly and invaluable service out here and now. Finally a web3 solution that’s as easy to use as a web2 application and helps you utilize your stablecoins without spending them. It’s basically like eating your cake and having it.
Finna is very swift and reliable, a good platform to hedge against inflation and unstable naira-dollar rates. Feels good to keep my dollars as collateral and get the cash i need to spend at the same time.
Mr. Brian
How long until people realize they’ve been sleeping on @finnaprotocol this whole time? I currently have a lot of Stables collateralized on the platform. Hate how badly the inflation has worsened for the Naira recently.
The ability to access funds without selling my stablecoins is a huge advantage. I was skeptical at first, but Finna proved to be reliable and efficient. Thank you, Finna!
As a creative who earns in the web3 space, Finna lending helps me take out a Naira loan against the value of my USDT. I can then pay back that loan with a bit of interest at a later time and get back my USDT. I think it’s a brilliant way of financing because I never have to sell my coins.
Iniobong Jimmy
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Frequently asked questions
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What is Finna Protocol?

Finna Protocol is a multi-utility ecosystem for stablecoins to bridge the gap between stable digital currencies and real-world transactions.


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